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Teslar Overview

Learn how we help create highly efficient banks through Teslar our Software as a Service solution. Download

Covenant Tracking

One page description of how Teslar helps you manage and track Covenants on borrowers. Download


One page description of how Teslar's Dashboard empowers your staff to get more done. Download

Exceptions Management

See how Teslar can help you manage your exceptions without changing your image system. Download

Lender Score Cards

See sample scorecard output. With over 200 calculated fields on every lender for every COB, Teslar can help you build a scorecard that fits your group. Download

Loan Review

One page description of how Teslar helps you take your loan review group to the next level. Download

Special Assets

Criticized, Special, Troubled, Problem or whatever name they go by, see how Teslar can make a huge difference in how you manage them. Download

Construction Management

Teslar's Construction Management module makes managing construction projects easier than ever. Download

Advanced Reporting

Empower your staff (Tellers to CLO) to get to the data they need, right now, not tomorrow. Download

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