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The Four Pillars of Teslar

Teslar is a SaaS solution that creates highly efficient banks. Improving efficiency ratios is one of the main reasons banks choose to partner with us; banks that use Teslar typically have an efficiency ratio that is 14% better than their peer group. Teslar was designed from the ground up to save bankers time, improve accuracy of data, and increase efficiency by making information more accessible for financial institutions of all sizes. We accomplish this through what we call our Four Pillars: empowering community bankers, integrating multiple systems, streamlining processes, and making it scalable. These four pillars underpin all 20+ modules in Teslar and ensure our customer base that they have a solution that will work today and into the future, regardless of the regulation environment or size of operations.

Streamlined Processes

Custom built processes and workflows built to industry best practices around how you do business.

Empowering Bankers

Enabling staff—from lenders to the CCO—to get the answers they need to get the job done today.


Combining all of your systems, from core to imaging to credit card, into one interface.


50 million to 50 billion—as you grow, feel confident you have a solution that can take you to the next level.

Modules & Features


Teslar's Pipeline allows you to create your own production workflow, track activity, and stay on schedule.


Teslar's Construction Management system provides an easy way to identify, monitor, and manage your projects through each phase of the project.


Easily group multiple borrowers and entities together and simplify credit memos, criticized assets, and loan reviews.


With an automated rules engine and a super-fast entry system, your quality control group will be spending more time reviewing loans and less time entering repetitive data.


Teslar's Pipeline allows you to create your own production workflow, track activity, and stay on schedule.


Teslar's Lender Scorecard allows you to see how individuals, branches, and regions are performing over any time period.


Teslar eases the pain of dealing with Criticized Assets by pulling loan data straight from the core. Relationship Building makes this module even more powerful by grouping existing loan relationships and pulling them based on your bank's criteria.


Teslar guides you through the process by automatically detecting which loans need a yearly review written and reminding the loan officers when they need to be done.


With its advanced covenant and financial tracking software, Teslar can track each covenant at the borrower level while keeping it tied to the accounts that have those requirements.


See all the current irregularities at a glance. With an automated rules engine and a super-fast entry system, you'll be spending more time reviewing loans and less time entering repetitive data.


This system is simplistic and easy to use, but allows for reporting and exporting when needed by regulators or management. Denial Tracking is built into the pipeline, allowing you to store as much, or as little information as you want.


With Teslar, submitting a request is a snap. An audit trail is created that tracks all actions to be reviewed or pulled for legal or regulatory requirements through an easy, digital workflow.


From day one, Teslar records everything, every day. Want to know what loan runoff is for the last year, or what exceptions were 10 months ago? It’s all there, exactly how it was the day it happened.


Need to build reports for your board, but don't want to waste a week getting the data you already have in a readable format? Teslar's BI engine can make it happen with a few clicks.


With Teslar, you will get easy to understand reports ranging from past due reports to largest relationship reports. All this is given to you quickly so you can get back to what's important.


Teslar’s BI tool can empower anyone in the bank to get the data they need with a few clicks. No more relying and waiting on data analysts and IT to build your reports.


Do you silo different lending departments into separate cores? Teslar can combine them all seamlessly so that your accounts are presented in one interface, be it equipment finance, credit cards, or dealer loans.

Image System

Why have ten systems each with their own image system when you can integrate with the best one? Teslar can take any documents it receives or generates and send it to your image system of choice.

Credit Bureau

Want to pull credit and make workflow decisions based on credit? With Teslar's credit bureau interface, Teslar can pull credit on demand or automatically as needed.

Doc Prep

Teslar can integrate with most doc prep systems out there. Why type data twice when you can have Teslar automatically move the data for you?

Third Party

Teslar gives you one system to access all others. We can integrate with third party systems including CRM tools, inspection companies, appraisal services, insurance/tax monitor services, collections, OREO, pricing, GL, accounting, etc. and the list grows daily.