Teslar Documents

Teslar Software Overview

Learn how we are empowering community bankers through our software as a service solution. Download

Covenant Tracking

Teslar tracks each covenant at the borrower level while keeping it tied to the accounts that have those requirements. See how we will improve your covenant tracking within this one-page document. Download


Teslar makes it easy for your bankers to see what matters to you by providing dashboards that can be customized per user or per institution. See how we can customize your dashboards within this one-page document. Download

Exceptions Management

Teslar can help you manage your exceptions without changing your current imaging system. Download this document and see how this module will help with that. Download

Lender Scorecards

With over 200 calculated fields on every lender for every COB, Teslar will help you build a scorecard that fits your group. See a sample lender scorecard within this document. Download

Loan Review

Our innovative loan review solution will ensure that your review process remains consistent and trackable across your entire organization. See how in this one-page document. Download

Special Assets

Criticized, Special, Troubled or Problem assets. We all have different names for them, but you still need a way to manage them. Download this document and see how this module will help with that. Download

Construction Management

Teslar's Construction Management module makes managing construction projects easier than ever. Download our one-page document to learn how. Download

Advanced Reporting

Empower your team (Tellers to CLO) to get to the data they need right now, not tomorrow. See how by downloading this one-page document. Download

Due Diligence

Buying a bank is a risky, and expensive, undertaking. Teslar Due Diligence is a fully stand-alone program that will help you with this endeavor. Learn more by downloading this one-page document. Download

Portfolio Management

Teslar provides an intuitive and efficient means to manage potential risks in your loan portfolio. Check out this one-page document to see how. Download


Teslar's powerful workflow engine will streamline your processes and allow for a higher level of efficiency and transparency. Download this document to learn more. Download