Creating Highly Efficient Banks

The Four Pillars of Teslar

With Teslar, our SaaS solution, we create highly efficient banks. Our banks typically have an efficiency ratio that is 14% better than their peer groups. The desire to improve efficiency ratios is why banks partner with Teslar. Teslar is designed from the ground up to save time, improve accuracy of data and increase efficiency by making information more accessible for institutions of all sizes. We do this by empowering bankers, integrating multiple systems, streamlining processes, and making it scalable. These four pillars underpin all twenty plus modules in Teslar and ensure our customer base that they have a solution that not only works today but will work in the future no matter the regulation environment or their size of operations.

Streamlined Processes

Custom built processes and workflows built to industry best practices around how you do business

Empowering Bankers

Enabling staff—from lenders to the CCO—to get the answers they need to get the job done today


Combining all of your systems, from core to imaging to credit card, into one interface


50 million to 50 billion—as you grow, feel confident you have a solution that can take you to the next level

Your advantages

Teslar is a robust portfolio management system that aggregates and automates your loan and deposit processes into a single system. No more IT report requests, duplicate data entry, manual excel calculations, or access databases.

Keep It

No excuses, no barriers ‒ keep it simple!


Guaranteed integration by our engineers, no third parties. No excuses.


Want a loan review template for autos, CRE, and C&I? You are in control.


Ask any of our customers ‒ we're available whenever you need us, starting day one.

Who we are

We are bankers and engineers who realize that the community and regional banks are vital to our communities and country. Yet they suffer from using technology developed by people who don't understand how their bank operates and thus they aren't as nimble as their online competitors. We're here to change that.

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