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The Four Pillars of Teslar

With Teslar, our SaaS solution, we create highly efficient banks. Our banks typically have an efficiency ratio that is 14% better than their peer groups. The desire to improve efficiency ratios is why banks partner with Teslar. Teslar is designed from the ground up to save time, improve accuracy of data and increase efficiency by making information more accessible for institutions of all sizes. We do this by empowering bankers, integrating multiple systems, streamlining processes, and making it scalable. These four pillars underpin all twenty plus modules in Teslar and ensure our customer base that they have a solution that not only works today but will work in the future no matter the regulation environment or their size of operations.

Streamlined Processes

Custom built processes and workflows built to industry best practices around how you do business

Empowering Bankers

Enabling staff—from lenders to the CCO—to get the answers they need to get the job done today


Combining all of your systems, from core to imaging to credit card, into one interface


50 million to 50 billion—as you grow, feel confident you have a solution that can take you to the next level

Annual Loan Reviews

Annual loan reviews, term loan reviews, largest borrower reviews, it has many names, but the need is the same. Identify the borrowers who need it, get updated documents, review the situation, and make any suggestions on the credit. It can be a lot of work for something that you hope changes nothing. With Teslar this process becomes semi-automated and manageable. Let Teslar auto identify the loans, create workflows for the steps, manage expectations and send out consistent reviews for management approval. All while keeping everyone informed of what is due and where everything is.

Auto detect loans

Teslar will auto detect all loans that need an annual review.


Automated routing and workflow for the annual loan review from start to finish. No printing, scanning, or emailing needed.


Consistent and reliable processes from start to finish.

Construction Management

Teslar’s Construction Management module makes managing construction projects easier than ever. We can help you streamline your entire workflow, from funding and setting up inspection schedules to requesting and imaging loan draws. With Teslar, and the accompanying mobile app, all aspects of the construction loan process are contained within a single system, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your customers, not paperwork.

Mobile Friendly

Dedicated Android & iOS App for Inspections, cell service not required. Sync via Wifi before and after inspections.

Draw process

Reduces Risk of Over-funding with Teslar's integrated draw process. Integrated with core and image systems.


Teslar will auto detect new construction loans, auto assign them to inspectors and automatically log all data to imaging. No user required.

Criticized Assets

With Teslar’s Criticized Loan Engine‘s unique ability to auto identify and group any relationship that needs to be included. All of this is possible because Teslar monitors all loan classification codes and pulls in downgraded items to the criticized group automatically. Once identified, loans are included in the criticized loan workflow where Teslar does as much of the heavy lifting as possible, including collecting and documenting account information, payment history, and classification history, leaving the officer to fill in the narrative and submit.

Auto detect loans

Teslar will auto detect all loans that meet the banks criteria for CA's and aggregate them into a single narrative.


Teslar will auto assign all CA's to the correct officer, Special Assets officer or credit analyst. While allowing management the ability to see what is done and what is still pending.


With core and image system integration, every change and documented item will automatically be saved where it needs to go.

Exceptions Management

The process of managing exceptions doesn’t have to be a drain on your resources. Unfortunately, many financial institutions spend a large portion of their time tracking, documenting and satisfying exceptions by relying on spreadsheets, shared drives and outdated reporting tools that at the end of the day, may not even give an accurate picture of their situation. Teslar has a comprehensive toolset to make this process a breeze, empowering your lending staff to reach their full potential by minimizing the time and effort required to manage exceptions.

Drag & Drop

No matter your image system, with Teslar we can integrate it so that a user can drop a tax return into Teslar and within minutes the exception can be cleared and the document in your image system of choice.

Every Exception

From Policy to Covenants, Teslar covers every type of exception possible. Consolidate all your exception/tickler data into once place.


From participations, to guarantee percentages, get a 100% accurate number on exceptions, no manual corrections needed.

Internal Loan Review

With Teslar’s Internal Loan Review users can easily filter down to any loans that they want to be reviewed and add them to a new or existing loan review. Customizable outputs allow different types of reviews; a consumer loan review can not only ask completely different questions than a commercial real estate review, but also provide a totally different export designed for ease of reading based on what information your bank feels is most important. When a review is finished, a customizable summary of the report can allow you to send out what exceptions need to be added or removed for any loans in the review, or show what loans have had drastic risk fluctuations, or much more.

Quick and Easy

Quickly select exactly what loans you wish to review.


Ask only the important questions; get the output you need.

Instant Summaries

Get a summary of all loans reviewed, or just a few, in only a couple of clicks of the button.

Portfolio Management

Effective portfolio management is a vital bank process. Teslar provides an intuitive and efficient means to manage potential risks in the loan portfolio. Loan portfolio managers can quickly identify loans that need to be addressed, therefore spending their time working on the issues not trying to find them.


Easily monitor the entire portfolio and identify issues before they become problems. No waiting for reports, see what you need, when you need to.


Quickly drill-down into loan details, from collateral, transactions, to the customers deposits. Get to anything you need in a mouse click.


Take notes and make comments on any loan or deposit and have them flow up to management. No more miscommunication, keep everyone informed.


Every bank has workflow and forms no matter their size. The difference is how that bank scales their workflows as they grow. Do they add more people, or do they optimize the process? At Teslar we sit with each customer to understand the process and to custom tailor a workflow that works for their group. From Risk Rate changes to File Maintenance, Teslar can help your bank keep everything electronic, on time, and allow for perfect visibility into your operations.


100% electronic forms and workflows that allows users to only answer questions that matter to the task they are performing. No more forms with 100 questions that users need to dig through to answer the 3 that pertain to them.

Single location

Give users a single place to start any form/workflow no matter what image or core system it needs to end up in. Like always in Teslar everything is integrated. No scanning to imaging or typing in data that is already known.


Everyone knows, at all times, where something is. No matter the number of forms active, Teslar can help give your bank visibility into your processes, to help you scale for the future.