The Four Pillars of Teslar

Teslar is a SaaS solution that creates highly efficient banks. Improving efficiency ratios is one of the main reasons banks choose to partner with us; banks that use Teslar typically have an efficiency ratio that is 14% better than their peer group. Teslar was designed from the ground up to save bankers time, improve accuracy of data, and increase efficiency by making information more accessible for financial institutions of all sizes. We accomplish this through what we call our Four Pillars: empowering community bankers, integrating multiple systems, streamlining processes, and making it scalable. These four pillars underpin all 20+ modules in Teslar and ensure our customer base that they have a solution that will work today and into the future, regardless of the regulation environment or size of operations.

Streamlined Processes

Custom built processes and workflows built to industry best practices around how you do business.

Empowering Bankers

Enabling staff—from lenders to the CCO—to get the answers they need to get the job done today.


Combining all of your systems, from core to imaging to credit card, into one interface.


50 million to 50 billion—as you grow, feel confident you have a solution that can take you to the next level.


Teslar is a robust portfolio management system that aggregates and automates your loan and deposit processes into a single system. No more IT report requests, duplicate data entry, manual Excel calculations, or Access databases.

Keep It

No excuses, no barriers ‒ keep it simple!


Guaranteed integration by our engineers. No third parties. No excuses.


Want a loan review template for autos, CRE, and C&I? You are in control.


From day one we will be here for you any time you need us, ask any of our customers!


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Teslar Software is comprised of bankers and engineers who realize that community and regional financial institutions are vital to their communities and country, but suffer from using technology that was developed by people who don’t understand how their bank operates, and thus aren’t as nimble as their online competitors. We’re here to change that.

Teslar Uptime 100%

Banks Successfully Integrated 100%

Customer Retention Rate 100%

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Citizens Bank of Edmond
Centennial Bank
Bank of Zachary
Legacy National Bank
Guaranty Bank & Trust
Pinnacle Bank
Pendleton Community Bank
Grand Savings Bank
Prime Meridian Bank
Bank of Idaho
American Business Bank
Citizens Bank
Bank of Grand Lake
Liberty National Bank
Opportunity Bank of Montana
BankFirst Wisonsin
Skyline National Bank

Teslar Software Newsletter


Pam, Chief Financial Officer

I don’t see how any banker can operate day to day without having a Teslar dashboard in front of them. I really, really don’t. Not just lenders, but branch managers, quality control, and the back. It truly empowers you as a banker and as an employee.

Mark, President & CEO

The Teslar team is really willing to collaborate with us. They do not just put us in a box and tell us how to use Teslar, but sit down and work through our problems together. Teslar feels like a true partner and not just a vendor.

Trace, Risk Management Director and Senior Vice President

A significant reason we chose Teslar is that their team acts as a true partner – they respond to our questions quickly and are dedicated to helping us optimize the platform’s benefits across our institution.

Jeff, CEO & President

Teslar’s automated workflow and portfolio management tools are changing the trajectory of our organization. The streamlined, modern processes are improving our customer experiences and allowing us to build stronger relationships.

Steve, Executive Vice President

The Teslar team has deep experience in the banking industry and they really understand the challenges we face and the opportunities in front of us. Plus, their excellent customer service and commitment to helping us succeed has been evident from the start.

Chris, President & CEO

Consolidating all of our systems onto one interface with Teslar has improved our lending process, reduced errors, and helped us better understand customers. The result is a refined and improved experience for employees and customers alike.

Michael, Chief Credit Officer

Our bank appreciates that Teslar’s platform is built by former bankers who understand our unique challenges and goals.

Suzanne, Executive Vice President

Being an innovator is a top priority for Teslar Software and knowing that their company’s vision is to continue to enhance their technology to keep up with the constantly evolving marketplace is one of the main reasons we chose to partner with them.

Brian, Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

Partnering with Teslar Software provides us with the quality of service and efficiency gains we need to help the community and scale with ease. Since Teslar is core agnostic, integration was easy, and it’s a comfort to know that if we acquire other banks in the future, Teslar can support other cores.

Bill, President & CEO

I’m impressed with how nimble and reactive the company is, and their dedication to work 24/7 to get a product to market to meet the demands of the community banker. That’s the kind of partner I want.

Miranda, Loan QC Officer

Using Teslar gets better all the time. I love that they take our suggestions to heart! Thank you for that!

Brad, Senior Vice President

I’m positive they don’t charge us enough for the high quality, personalized service they provide.